Dragon of the White - Deshima in depot

In the Netherlands (Leiden, The Hague) as well as in Japan (Nagasaki) I have captured, as factually as possible, depots full of excavated and handed down objects related to Deshima. I have also asked the curator to select an essential object from the repositories, and photographed it. History that hides so easily, but is available for research and new insights. Besides this I discovered other depots in Nagasaki, traditions and lore that were not behind vault doors. That were once made up or assumed, but still have a vital presence. Right in the centre of the city. Like a kite maker, who makes red white and blue kites, a potter who models ‘the’ western woman to the Dutch wife of a chief trader stationed in Deshima at the start of the nineteenth century, and as good but less lively, the final resting place of the Dutch in the international graveyard, and so on.
  Finally, Deshima's influence on the Netherlands and vice versa is visually inventoried in a few attachments. Such as the use of the name Deshima (Decima) in the Netherlands, the use of the colours red-white-blue in Nagasaki and a selfie-inventory of Dutch visitors to Deshima over a period of three months as a parallel muster-roll as was drawn up by the VOC at the time.

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