The Ease of Animals

How animals are in the front row

Quite a few animals have moved far away from their origins. With the exception of most birds and fish, their temperament is restricted and their freedom is forced within limits. Preferably they should behave docile and show themselves gratefully. As for a life on the third floor and for being caressed. Being bred is another thing. To be of service is roughly the core. Horses, for example, are even taught to dance to the public. Nevertheless, animals do not like to call themselves being tamed. Yes, they could protest or revolt. But animals are simply very tolerant and resigned. Or they are left out to watch patiently. They prefer to keep all those personal animal remarks for themselves, so that people can never fully fathom their secrets and thus their true nature. That's why animals allow themselves to be broken or trained meekly and kept stubborn inside fences, gates or house-room walls. They know better between themselves.

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